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鳳中雲端讀書會-EasyA分會 / Sandy's Diary II

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Today I watched a very inspiring program on Public Television Service Channel (PTS). The program is one episode of a series called "Travel around the World for Real Knowledge." The episode I watched was about picking the most capable candidate for representing Taiwan to learn to master carpentry in Denmark on sponsorship. As I watched the candidates, who were only in their teens, performed the assigned task, including making expensive-looking furniture, with absolute care and concentration, I was truly touched by their passion for what they were doing. Although inevitably, many candidates were eliminated and only one prevailed, I appreciated every candidate's effort. Those teenagers did not do well on tradition pen-and-paper tests, but they all have found their calling--carpentry, and surely were good at it. That's something worth praising! I hope all of my students can find what they are passionate about and devote all their effort to mastering it, no matter it is physics, chemistry, English, or even carpentry! (But I'm sure that one still has to understand and be able to use survival English when he or she is learning skills abroad!)
2014-02-01 12:22:24
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2014-02-01 13:29:11
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Fantastic work!
2014-02-01 16:23:24
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2014-02-02 15:24:49
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I watched the program, too! After wathing it, i think Taiwan's technological and vocational education system still need to have large improvement.Besides,the ability of  English is very essential to connect with the international society.

2014-02-02 20:47:22
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2014-02-03 15:42:52
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I think there is something ore education ignor. Our education in skill does
not been valued.Every parents would like to let their chile study instead of learn skill,but not everyone were birth to study.

2014-02-03 16:23:18
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老師,我也看了這節目,這男生在基測時雖然考的不好,但是他有找到他未來的志向,到丹麥時,KTS這學校所教的是已確信自己未來方向的學生,所以他們專注在木工上,不同於台灣的教學;在他到博物館時,韋格納大師設計的椅子,講究的舒適、實用,讓俞佑有自己在木工上設計的反思,最後,當代大師Niels Roth Andersen:「就去做吧!如果你真的想做的話,你就應該做,也許這是一生中唯一的機會」這讓我深思我未來的志向。

2014-02-03 22:04:43
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We are students. But why we are students? As far as I'm concerned,studying in the school is on the premise that our parents want us to do. And it must means our parents know the benefit of study. Our parents give us the gift. Why don't we take it?

2014-02-04 16:39:29
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After my translation,I came up with some thoughts.Though there's really a lot of problems in our educational system,some students like those mentioned in the program have found their interest and calling,isn't it?Just do your best in your life in senior high school,and you will get something important and helpful in your future.

2014-02-04 21:52:55
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If our parents and those government officials can understand the principle,that will be better.The education system in Taiwan still has to improve.
2014-02-04 23:02:38
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I also watched a program,Deadly Top 10,on Public Television Service Channel (PTS).This program introduces every kind of deadly animals.When I watched this program,I could learn the knowledge without on the textbook.

2014-02-05 10:35:56
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It’s a responsibility to our job. Whatever the work it is, we all have to work hard, and those candidates attitude is what we have to learn.

2014-02-05 14:49:53
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Many people in Taiwan would have a concept that children must enter a university, or they can't find a job after graduation.This may be wrong. Many students enter a great university, and they get into a good graduate school, too.However, what will they do after graduation? A waiter, a shopkeeper or even selling fried chicken breast in the night market? It's a problem worth reflecting on.Maybe Entering a vocational school instead of geting into a university would get more chance on career.

2014-02-06 20:58:37
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2014-02-06 22:03:43
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2014-02-07 12:05:47
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2014-02-08 16:54:17
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People find his or her interest is important. No matter the interest is what, as long as he or she can focus on it and try to do. I think he or she must be professionals. This is a quality program affect me a lot.


2014-02-08 22:02:53
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2014-02-09 11:17:37
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I think''Choose what you love,Love what you choose''is important,otherwise you won't feel any happiness when you are doing it.

2014-02-09 11:24:04
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