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鳳中雲端讀書會-EasyA分會 / 208日記板:請在下方直接回覆po文

每人2/10前需po至少三篇英文日記,長80字以上,並且到Sandy's diary 回應至少一次。有任何問題請聯絡Sandy (sandydepp@gmail.com)
2014-01-14 09:47:01
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I have nice day yesterday.My teacher Chen took my classmates and I to the "aeh lung ie"ancient path,which is an important artery for previous people who engage in commerce.Nowadays,it have been a tourist attraction.
We went to challenge aeh lung ie's dangerously steep slope.Although it was tired to hike for a long time,we still enjoy it.It was abundant with happiness between every classmates of 208.
We also had done benefaction for nature by cleaning up  the beach.We took away much of trash and pollution.
On the way to school,we hit the high notes and enjoy our time. 

2014-01-22 10:22:57
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  What a exhausted but joyous day was yesterday.Our class went to "阿塱壹"old trail which was a hundred-yeared path yesterday.
  After we arrived at the neighborhood of the BEA~~~CH line coastline,I had smelled the odor of SOGO ocean(導遊的玩笑)  Pacific Ocean,taking a deep breath and starting our journey.
  Passing through the coastline and climbing one after another hills,finally,we had finished the very exhausted travel.Though it was absolutely tired,I feeled very contented.
  Maybe some day,I will go to 阿塱壹 old trail again.
一開始聽到這次作業覺得好像挺難的 居然要用英文 可是到後面素肚速度感覺有越來越快 雖然這麼說不過從構思到打完整篇大概也花了快一個小時吧... 不過打完的時候我露出了這個表情↙ 微成就感 對了 老師希望妳不介意我使用刪除線XD

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Last Sunday,I went to Dream Mall with my sister.We went shopping and bought lots of things there.In addition,we went to see our favorite fair.How cute Kitty was!We bought some souvenir and played many games there.After that,we went to see the movie.It was a funny and interesting movie.We had a good time there.Well,I hope I can have a wonderful winter vacation and receive lots of red envelopes.Finally,I wish everybody have a nice winter vacation!
2014-01-22 23:29:22
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  Today,my classmate in junior high school and I went to a movie:”空の境界.未来福音”,which is adapted from the same name novel.The story  revolves around a woman,両儀式(Ryougi Shiki),who is mysterious and beautiful.
  Someday,explosions occured in the town which Shiki lives in.Since the bomber discover that Shiki may saw his face,he tried to assassinate Shiki.But she survived in each assassinated action,finally,Shiki found that the bomber has the eyes called"未来視”,which can previse the future.Exactly,how can Shiki find the culprit who did all the explosions...
  本來以為看電影會比較好寫...沒想到大約描述電影情節還是花了我40分鐘...光"爆炸事件"該怎麼寫我就想了大概5分鐘 最後我還是使用了"explosions"這個字 不知道是否正確呢?雖然文章中我已經大概打出過這部電影的大綱了 不過如果老師看不太懂我寫什麼 在這邊我放上預告片的網址 老師可以看完我的日記後再來看看。最後希望看到我這篇文章的同學有興趣也可以去看看這部電影 雖然這是系列電影第8集了...不過我發現就算是初次看也可以看懂80%就是了(笑

2014-01-23 23:50:20
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  In Friday,Zong Han(宗翰) and the society president was invited by me to my house,playing Japenese Mahjong all the day.In the beginning,I stormed to other three individuals.Nearing the final,I almost became the champion in this game.But it is the very last thing I expected,Zong Han's agari(あがり和牌) made me lost a lot of point,and his was almost as high as mine.So I started a tight defense,finally I still won the championship.Though I won,I thinked it was a very very thrilling win.
耶逼~終於打完了三篇日記啦~我好像是全班第一個打完的(´⊙ω⊙`),這篇主要是一篇爽文在說我在禮拜五和別人打了幾圈麻將~唉呀,那天的運氣真的不錯啊 雖然有幾局必須棄和,不過多虧主場優勢(?)我那天打了7圈就只有放槍一次耶,三場半莊戰我2次第一,1次第二,可惡怎麼那天沒賭飲料呢!不過我好像我逢賭必輸,不賭必贏吧...

2014-01-26 15:42:05
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After school,they walked together and both used their cellphones.One was playing games and the other was listening to the music.Suddenly,the girl bumped into the tree because she always focused on her cellphone not noticed what in front of her.However,the boy was happy as usual and listening to his favorite music.After then,the boy was crossing the street and didn't listen to the sound from that car.As a result,the man drove his car to his front and told him not to do so next time.From then on,the boy has been careful when walking on the street.We can learn that we should be careful when using our cellphones from this story.

2014-01-27 16:01:26
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The day before yesterday I went to a wonderful wedding,it was filled with happiness and joy.The most impressive for me was that when the bride walked down the red carpet,she suddenly sobbed and thanked her parents for the affection of raising her.It really touched my heart.In the end of the wedding,I was given a sweet candy from the newly-wed.I was so happy then,and I genuinely wished that they can love each other forever!

(But I think that Sandy's wedding will be more romantic than the wedding I participated.Haha!)

2014-01-27 23:29:28
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    Hungry30, it seemed impossible and difficult. In fact, I thought it wasn't a hard process but a cool experience. I took part in this activity because I thought it was funny.

    On the first day, it was hot in the morning. I wanted to find somewhere under shadows. However, when I left the seat and couldn't watch the performs, it was so boring. I didn't want to study like others because I didn't want those books broke my interesting experience. Therefore, I did nothing and waited the time passed.

2014-01-28 21:24:59
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     I didn’t feel hungry in the evening because I drank water all the time.

     When the sky turned dark, many people turned on the flashlight of their cell phones. What a beautiful view! Just like thousands of stars shining in the sky. It really touched me! At night, we slept on the pass walk which wasn’t indoor. It was so cold that I couldn’t sleep well. I even waked up many time. At the last time I woke up, I found that it was 5:30am. It was really a special special morning for me to greet such a new day with more than fifty thousand people.

2014-01-28 21:29:04
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      The second day, I still didn’t feel hungry. We watched the show, chatted, and waited the time pass. Before the activities ended, there came some singers singing for us. Everyone was excited. By the way, our school, FSSH, got the third prize of the total attendance. It also made me and my friends excited! Eventually, when 30 hours passed, people screamed clapped their hands to celebrate for this meaningful moment. Actually, I had my breakfast at 9am of the first day, and I began to have my dinner at 8pm. I didn’t eat for 35 hours! Everything seemed great but my wallet was gone as I was on the way home with thousands of people. How unlucky I was!

2014-01-28 23:07:40
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A week ago,I asked my father to drive me to my school to practice guitar.On our way,his phone rang.He took his cellphone out from his pocket.At the same time,his pen fell.I bent down trying to pick it up,but it was so far to me that I had to prostrate to lift it up.After I gave him the pen,I looked out from the window and shouted,"Where are you going?Don't you drive me to school?It's the way to grandma's house!"My dad just smiled and said sorry to me.And then,after we passed eleven blocks,he parked his car next to my cram school."I WANT TO GO TO MY SCHOOL!!!"I yelled at him. "kao yao."he said.He told me that he was just not used to drive me to the school.
2014-01-29 00:17:14
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Last Thursday I,丞宏,皇帝,俊宏and柏翔want to Cihou Lighthouse which is on the top of Cihou mountain. The road is so steep that I had to use lowest gear. But when I saw Cihou Lighthouse, I felt disappointed because it is a two-floor high building. It is not as tall as my thought. After taking some pictures, we discovery that the view around here is so wonderful. What we saw was all Kaohsiung port. If Kaohsiung does not have air pollution, maybe we saw the distance mountain.

2014-01-29 08:34:07
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First,Happy New Year,everyone!Today is New Year's Eve.The winter vacation passed half away.I don't want to go to school and I long for a carefree life. However,it doesn't come true.I will have an important exam in one year.I hope I can attend a good university which I want.Therefore,I have to study hard and be optimistic so that I'll be confident and successful.How about your New Year's resolutions?I hope your dreams will come true someday.
2014-01-30 13:18:05
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January 30th is Chinese New Year’s Eve, my uncle, aunt, and I came back to my grandma’s home, because of my grandmother’s perfect dishes, we had a hearty dinner there. We talked about anything happily.

And I even received lots of money in my red envelopes! I thought if I save this money until I graduate from my college, it could be a big amount of money! And I also had a New Year’s resolution: I can pass all subjects (especially Chemistry) in 2014;I will do my best to let my wish come true! 
2014-02-02 14:05:55
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It`s the first time that didn`t eat anything for almost 34 hours. I didn`t think it will be hard for me until dinner time.”Oh no! Where is my hamburger and fries? I want! ”I said. But one of our classmates told me that we needed to stay hungry,in order to feel how hungry Africans were. So,I decided to throw my feel of hungry away. Although it was a challenge for me,I never wanted to eat something as sly as a fox. And I thought it was a meaningful activity for me! 

2014-02-02 16:29:06
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The holidays of Chinese New Year have been passed four days,and it seems that my "Swimming Buoy Buoy" has been grown up to four circle,too......So I begin to reflect how much junk food I ate in the last four days, to be shocked,it must more than 6 packs!!!Such as Cheetos(double cheese),Doritos(cheese flavor),Pringles(still covered with cheese powder!)
I even doubt whether my blood is turn into cheese flavor or not!!!
Reaching so much dairy products,I connect it to the the incident of China poisonous milk in 2008.I think the reason of this negative event is comes from those manufacturers' endless greed.Although how charming the money is,the highest rule to a businessman is to be honest.Cheating those costomers who believe your prpducts,you not only will be spurned by every sufferer but also get God's punishment at last!
Worried about Taiwan's processed food,l must be a wiser consumer and follow the raising food-safety awareness to defend our health!!!
Although the food safety is important,but the most important thing is still my tragical fat belly......

2014-02-02 23:35:40
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I got up most early during the winter vacation last morning because my family and I were going to climb the Plum Ridge .The Plum Ridge is a famous tourist attraction in Tainan . Every year, there are many of tourist appreciating the plum blossoming . The color of the plum flower is so beautiful that I am hesitate to divert my attention on it!I enjoyed the cozy time and clear air with my family.

On afternoon , we went to Yong xing suspension bridge .It was the biggest suspension bridge that I’d ever seen .We could see the magnificent view on it .It is said that the Yong xing suspension bridge is more pretty than now at night .I hope I could see that!

2014-02-03 12:45:34
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At Chinese New Year festivities my family went to Puli where is my mother's home. The first day in there  was boring because I have no transportation to travel around. I just could lie on the couch and watch TV all day long. The place I living has no wifi so the three days in Puli I didn't play Tower Of Saviors. It's the longest time that I do not play the game ever since I start to play it. So I felt terrible in that day. 
2014-02-03 14:49:23
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My family and I went back to the country and made a Chinese New Year’s visit the day before yesterday. I got some red envelopes from my grandpa and other relatives. The more joyful activity is “koon tu aweh”.

First ,we ned to heap the clod until them became tower like and this tower must be hollow .Then, we burned the hood in hollow part of clod tower until the clod turn red or black .In the end, we put the food which was sweet potato and egg and corn into hollow part of clod tower. We waited for an hour and then dig some eat! It’s so delicious! My brothers and I even cooked some instant noodle by using firewood! We watched the sunset and enjoyed the time of family reuniting.

2014-02-03 14:50:24
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