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2014-01-14 09:48:25
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     Yesterday,I saw a movie,The Secret Life of Walter Mitty(白日夢冒險王).

     From the movie,I learned these things.First,enjoy every moment of happiness.In the film,Shawn did'nt shoot every beautiful senery sometimes since he did'nt want to be bothered by his camera.Second,your hardworking will pay out.In the end of the film,the front cover of Life Magazine is Mitty!  That means Mitty's hardworking was seen by Shawn!Third,I think that may be the main idea of the film,JUST DO IT,DON'T BE DAYDREAMING!



2014-01-21 10:31:05
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On Tuesday and Wednesday,I attended KGHS MUN(Modifed United Nation).Because of this activity,I learned that English is not just use for "tests",but is really for people to communicate with it.During the activity,we discuss with other delegates about the topic of "Illegal Immigration and Labor's Rights".Despite the fact that my English is poor(compare to other delegations),I try my best to convey what my country needs and exchange the idea with other countries.Though the R.O.P(Rules of Procedure)we played wasn't really formal,it was such an unforgettable experience.Thanks to this activity,I believed that English is for people to negotiate,to compromise,and to express what your idea is.To conclude,I hope I can develop my ability of English,if having a chance,I want to participate in other MUN in the future.  
2014-01-22 17:50:40
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 What a happy morning ! I work at Breeze Market,which is near Fengshan Senior High School, as a volunteer to help the physically-challenged people sell eggrolls in a charity bazaar. It is a special experience of being a salesman. Many people walked by the stand ,what my job is to mechandise our goods “eggrolls”

Most of time we are ignored and people just pass by and don’t pay attention to us .

Sometimes ,that made me feel frustracted .However, still have someone they stopped their steps and concerned with the charity organization. After a whole morning efforts ,we sold all of our goods. Through the communication with the strangers ,I can feel the warmy between people. I wish every monent in my life can be so substantial and meaningful.  

2014-01-25 22:49:43
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    After reading "Benedict Cumberbath Just like his name ,he's one of a kind,"the article of Studio Classroom,I came up a conclusion. Every successful person must have worked hard.  Like Andy Lau(劉德華),who is a hardworking actor.  To explain the leading role of the movie "Blind Detective ,"he went to the school for the blind to learn how the blind live.  That's why "Blind Detective" successful.  So if you want to make your dream come true,just study hard!  Don't you think that studying is easier than learning how to live as a blind person ?   

2014-01-25 23:50:49
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Yesterday,I watched a movie which is called "Percy Jackson-Sea Of Monster". In the movie,I thought the coolest part is that Percy used his sword to kill the Titan lord Kronos and saved all the people.The digital animation of that part is so fantastic!On the other hand,there are also some touching parts,for example,Percy and his friends finally accepted his consanguineous brother,Tyson,who is a cyclope and always make problems.I really like movies that is about Greek mythology,because I have learned lots of stories about Greek gods,so I can really understand what is the movie saying.


2014-01-28 01:11:39
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Recently,I have finished watching the film ”Lanling Wang(蘭陵王).”It’s a story about love,strategy and history.It’s not serious like history text book,but very touching and interesting.The story began with a girl “shiue wu(雪舞).”She is “tian niu(天女).”It was said that the one who owned “tian niu(天女)”would get the world.Consequently,everyone desired to get it.After watching it,I learned some things.First,the blind loyalty would only cause destruction.Lanling Wang(蘭陵王) believed that his brother would govern the country nicely after he died,so he chose to drink the poisonous wine.However,his brother didn’t do so.Instead,he became more powerless.Second,the authority’s rule is important to people.If an authority can’t reflect on himself,the country will eventually decay.Last but not least,peace is happiness.In modern country,we may feel peace is not thing and ignore it.In this film,I saw wars destroy people.That is a terrible view!Thus,we should cherish the peaceable world now.

2014-01-28 11:37:00
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On Monday,I went to 旗津 with my friend. We rode to the beach with a eletronic scooter.We ate two roast squids,ice-cream,fish and corns.The seafood at 旗津 are really delicious!The setting sun looks extremely beautiful and the wave rushes the rocks sound pleasant.So amazing is the scenery that we could not help to stun at it.The brezze is so soft and the nigt is so romantic.We both thought we will not forget today even though when we grow up. I hope someday in the future,we will go there again with same person.

2014-01-28 11:46:01
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Today I start to do my winter vacation home work,English diary.
These days,I studied for  made-up exam.I will really study harder because my four subject are down.Besides,I watched many anime such as God's Notebook,Log Horizon and To Love-Ru .Last day is my birthday.My friend  who I care him a lot didn't  sent a me messege which said happy birthday.I think that anyway,maybe he was too busy to use facebook or he just forgave. But I saw he send a happy birthday message for other people.I just feels upset.I wish he was really just didn't notice me.

2014-01-29 16:01:43
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At the last day of the semester, I wasn’t in the mood for what the teachers reported.Everything I think was to spend my winter vacation boldly. However, the mind soon vanished when I was back to home. There wasn’t any friend in my living community.Fortunately, a friend of mine picked me up to her senior high school. It was risky that I wore my school uniform without hers. Surprisingly, the security guard didn’t take a glimpse on me, as if I didn't exist. It was too easy to slip into this school! We had a glad time wandering in her school.

2014-01-29 18:04:07
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Yesterday I start to do my winter vacation home work , but I found I forget my password of this webside . I spent almost an hour retrieving it , luckly, I success . When I entered the webside and finished my first diary , a tragedy happened .At that time , I inputed the last word of it, and I heard my mother calling me , so , I turned of screen , went to be sure what happened . This is the beginning of this tragedy . when I final dealed with all the things that Mom needed my help , and  wanted to upload my home work , I found my brother was there and playing the online game , so , I told him that I needed to upload my home work . When I looked at the screen , I can't find where my diary is , and at the same time I heard my brother was  talking to me : " Do you save it? Computer is too slow ,so I reboot it " he say ."I want kill you" , that was the only sentence I want tell him!!!!!!!

2014-01-30 16:11:15
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It’s the second day of the Chinese New Year. We visited our grandparents. After tea time,my uncle drove us to the sea bank for a stroll. In the paradise of sea animals, we saw crabs crawling at the beach, tropical fishes swimming between the coral reefs and seagulls flying over our heads. We enjoyed the warmth of the sun ,we watched the beautiful sunset, and we talked happily all the way. I hope our family member can get together more often.

2014-02-01 23:05:11
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Our chinese homework are numerous.One of them is to complete with my classmates.We decided to go to school library to have some discussions.Next day,we found that the school library didn't open because of the Chinese New Year.Then we went to library of women and children(婦幼館).After we found the seats and opened the notebook.Something happened.The notebook didn't have programs to make PPT.How terrible it was!Fortunately,I met one of my friends whose home is near the school.So we decided to go to her house and did our homework. After few hours,we finally complete a part of it.Well,it's a dramatic day!
2014-02-02 17:37:49
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On New Year's Eve,I watched the movie called "Life Of Pi"In the movie, Each animal has its meanings.For example, tiger is Pi,orangutan﹝猩猩﹞ is his mother,etc.Tiger stands for wildness which hidden in the heart of Pi.When his mom was killed,his heart was filled with anger.He just like a tiger killed the hyena﹝鬣狗﹞.He tried to bear,but it had no way out. Because he was extremely hungry and wanted to survive.He was sad and sorry that he couldn't save his mom.Finally,Pi overcame difficulties and survive.Terrific as the truth was,Pi still optimistically faced it.Besides,he fancied the story about he and a tiger.           
2014-02-02 18:38:38
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     We went to maternal grandmother's home during the Chinese New Year holiday.  We chatted when we were eating.  I asked my older male cousins about university because I'm going to enter a college.  One of them said that they usually goes to bed after 1 a.m. every day.  Wow!  No wonder they always look sleepy.  By the way, they also play online games.  One of my cousins even said that he slept at 9 p.m. last night and woke up at 3 a.m. in order to play the online game!

2014-02-03 12:38:34
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Last week I read the poetry ”Chi-li-shiang(七里香)” written by Shi-mu-rung(席慕蓉).She is a romantic Mongol.Short as her poems are,their meanings are deep and beautiful.I shared them with my family and tried to translate one of my favorite into English.


Don’t believe my beauty

As well as my love

Under my powdering face is

My heart of the actress

So don’t take my saddness seriously

Don’t feel heartbroken while I perform

Dear friends,in my life

I am just an actress

I am in tears

In others’ stories






所以 請千萬不要



親愛的朋友 今生今世




I love the last two sentences,do you?

2014-02-03 14:49:01
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I backed from three-days trip.First day,I went to  Lukang Tianhou Temple(鹿港天后宮).I dropped some coins to the wishing pool,and I had one coin to the mouth of dragon.I had tried it for many times since I am a child but seldom successeded.Second day,I went to 

Taipei Raohe Street Night Market(饒河夜市).I bought a necklance,

a jacket and a pair of shoes for the guaduate travel.Last day I had lunch with

 my mom's old classmates and went to her home for few time.

2014-02-03 16:16:52
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Today,I understand the feeling and the difficulty as a manager . The guild of TOS(神魔之塔) which I found have a problem . Being a manager , I couldn't catch a balance between "friendship" and "advantage". The problem made my understand that when I deal with a thing , I can't just think about what I approve of , there are a lot of different way of looking at a thing , including opposite . Maybe it isn't a serious thing , because its influence just in a game. But , I think I still can learn from this experience.
2014-02-03 21:21:24
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Last Thursday,our family went to Kenting again!In these three years,my family went to Kenting very often,because it is near from Kaoshiung and its scenery is wonderful.After checking in the resort,we went for a stroll at the nearby coastline,at there I saw lots of unusual stones in many shapes,the view there is really amazing.In the evening,I seated on the beach which is just in front of the resort,seeing the sunset and relaxing in the breeze really let me feel happy.At then ,I felt all the stress was gone.I love Kenting very much,it makes me feel relaxed.

2014-02-04 00:40:55
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I was expected to read the series of acclaimed science fiction novel by the American writer Suzanne Collins. Fortunately, today, I watched “Hunger Game” on Star Movies.

Katniss Everdeen, a girl from District 12 who volunteered for the 74th Hunger Games replaced her younger sister Primrose Everdeen.to be a "tribute". Another "tribute" from District 12, Peeta Mellark, had a crush on Katniss when the first he saw her. They participating the game…...

Most moving scene was Katniss placed pretty flowers over Rue, the young girl from District 11, who was in the same team with Katniss and had been killed.

We could see tyranny rule of the Capitol. The Hunger Games were just entertainments for selfish people in the Capitol. There wasn’t democracy in this country.

2014-02-04 15:38:11
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